New Receptacles


Nuisance or Safety?


Plugs and switches always wear out faster than the rest of the electrical system and should be replaced more often like the brakes and tires on the car.   


Plugs are convenient. All you have to do is push the plug into the receptacle, very simple but the down side is the spring metal inside that holds the plug blades securely in place. They gradually loosen their tension. This allows the plugs to become loose and to hang part way out of the receptacle.

There are two hazards when the plug is loose:

1. Live electrical parts are exposed.

2. Arcing is more likely to occur.

Arcing occurs when the metal is not making physical contact but close enough for electricity to jump across.


These are special breakers that detect arcing along the circuit. Electricity has certain characteristics when it arcs and is detectable by these advanced safety devices.

When the breaker detects arcing along the circuit, it will shut off power to the circuit automatically. You will need to correct the situation that is causing the arcing, and then reset the breaker.

Arc fault breakers are now required in bedrooms. Are you currently protected?


Switches wear out because they are constantly making contact and then no contact every time you turn on and off the lights. This provides an opportunity for arcing to occur inside the switch. It’s easy to fix, just replace the old with the new.

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